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Bobbi Sprague, MA

Clinical Intern Therapist
All pronouns - Name Preferred
Leaves Shadow

Bobbi (all pronouns) is a graduate intern at Saybrook University, where they are delving into the intricate world of Clinical Mental Health Counseling, backed by a strong foundation in Public Health. Their approach to mental health and eating disorders is profoundly personal, reflecting Bobbi's experiences as a non-binary, genderqueer individual with a lived experience perspective.

Embracing the humanistic viewpoint, Bobbi perceives individuals in their entirety, seeking to connect the mind, body, and spirit. This integrative outlook paves the way for a practice that honors the complex layers of identity, experience, and the multitude of intersectionalities those things create. Bobbi’s therapeutic repertoire is diverse, including Relational Cultural Theory (RCT), Narrative Therapy, Eco-Therapy, and Gestalt, which are woven into a tailored tapestry to meet each person's unique needs.

Bobbi's interests intersect with alternative spirituality, religious trauma, neurodivergence, and social justice, with a passionate focus on serving the queer community. They recognize the distinctiveness of each individual's journey and are dedicated to offering guidance, whether it’s holding a candle through the darkness, collaborating on a path toward empowerment and self-assurance, or some unique combination of both.

In therapy, Bobbi is a partner in exploration, committed to building relationships and trust, which are the heart of the therapeutic journey. They are here to accompany you on your path, providing support and illumination, while also understanding that you are the expert of your life. 

My Therapeutic Lens

  • Embracing Individual Journeys: I see each person as a unique narrative, combining mind, body, and spirit in a unified approach to foster holistic well-being and authentic self-expression.

  • Eclectic and Adaptive Methods: I utilize a rich blend of therapeutic techniques including RCT, Narrative Therapy, Eco-Therapy, and Gestalt to craft a flexible, responsive approach that honors the individual's lived experience.

  • Intersectional Advocacy: I recognize and validate the layered aspects of identity, with a keen focus on the intersections of spirituality, neurodivergence, and social justice within the queer community.

  • Relationship and Trust-Centered: I believe that trust and relationship are the bedrock of therapy, aspiring to create a safe, affirming space where clients feel genuinely seen and supported.

  • Guiding Presence in Healing: I offer guidance through both the shadowed and bright paths of my clients' lives, aiming to illuminate the way toward growth, self-assurance, and empowerment.

& Trainings
  • Graduate student completing M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Foundations in Trauma Informed Weight Lifting by the Center for Trauma and Embodiment

  • Master of Arts in Human Resources

  • Registered Medical Assistant

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