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Nutritional Counseling

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Individually-Tailored Nutrition Therapy

We know that finding a peaceful relationship with food can feel close to impossible in our diet-centric world. That’s why our nutrition team aims to reconnect you with your innate body wisdom, allowing intuition to serve as a guide in healing your relationship with food. Our team of nutrition experts will empower you with non-diet and non-weight-biased approaches to eating while supporting you with personalized meal planning and gentle nutrition support.

Expert Dietetic Support for Every BODY

Our nutrition approach guides you to find trust in your body as you build a practical, nourishing, and liberating relationship with food. We aim to empower you through reconnecting to body attunement, appetite awareness, satisfaction, and gentle nutrition principles. Please read below to learn more about the various components of our dietetic support at Bloom Counseling and Nutrition.  

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