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Who We Are

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Why Bloom?

Bloom (verb), means to flourish, thrive, or open.

When we are met with compassion and safety exactly where we are in the present moment, it becomes possible to not just survive life, but thrive, flourish, and open to our limitless nature. Bloom was born from a vision to help individuals move from the unconscious beliefs that they are broken, damaged, defective, or “needing to be fixed” – towards the core truths that we are all whole, complete beings, enough just as we are and intrinsically wired for healing.

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Bloom is committed to the causes of social justice—particularly the impact of racism and fatphobia on health and wellbeing—and we work at understanding the impact social oppression has on marginalized bodies. We are willing to admit that we don’t know everything, and we are counselors wholeheartedly willing to confront our privilege and own our mistakes. We know that only by doing our own work, can we help facilitate healing for others.

Here at Bloom, we are the experts in mental health & eating disorder recovery, but you are the expert in YOU. Our goal is to provide collaborative and inclusive care aimed at connecting you with your intuitive body wisdom that’s been there all along. We are passionate about trauma-informed care and believe that leaning into pain with empathy and curiosity provides the framework for healing.

Founded and led by the only Certified Eating Disorder Specialist in Fort Collins, Bloom was launched in response to a growing community need for individualized and holistic treatment options. Bloom aspires to create a safe space where clients (you!) are supported to find freedom in food, movement, health, and body by connecting to the truest version of themselves.

With many of our clinicians having personal experience in eating disorder recovery, we know firsthand how healthcare environments and even traditional eating disorders treatment settings can reinforce shame-based weight-stigma and unhealthy practices, which is why changing the notion of what an eating disorder “looks” like is essential to our practice. Grounded in the principles of Health at Every Size, the clinicians at Bloom are dedicated to challenging fatphobic systems and creating a safer world for bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

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Abstract Background

The Bloom team is made up of a group of compassionate eating disorder experts that have a passion for helping clients navigate recovery and find liberation. Click below to meet the team. 

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Philosophy on Healing


We are all wired for healing and we can tune into our inner experience as a guide and friend in this healing journey. 


As we go through life, we develop protective parts of ourselves, or strategies, to shield us from past wounds, attachment injuries, and trauma. Healing involves the curious investigation of all these distinct and worthy parts of our being by getting in touch with our core Self. This Self is intrinsically healthy, whole, and complete, and it’s designed to bring this energy to our protected and hurt parts, with compassion and wisdom.  


Reconnecting with our body allows us to access our core Self; as we do this, it becomes safe to explore the experiences and past hurts that have led to the development of our protective parts. From the seat of self and conscious awareness, we can nurture these wounded parts with empathy and compassion, for some of us maybe for the first time. 


It’s important to note that this journey of healing involves not only the acknowledgment of the internal wounded parts of ourselves but also the external systems and forces that contributed to their existence—and validate these truths as well. As clinicians, we aim to address both the internal wounded parts of our clients, while also fighting to change systemic oppression that exists externally and leads to the need for protection in the first place.

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Health at Every Size ®

Bloom Counseling and Nutrition was founded on the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES). In short, HAES is a movement—one centered on body liberation and radical, long-awaited, paradigm shifts from weight-central to weight-neutral approaches to health and wellness. Bloom shares the HAES vision of creating a world that advances social justice, celebrates body diversity, challenges scientific and cultural norms about health and weight, and honors eating and engaging in movement from a place of attunement and joy.

Abstract Background

 “Organicity refers to the internal wisdom of all living systems. Thus, the therapist does not 'heal' the client; rather the healing power and intelligence is within and each person has their our own unique, mysterious, and emergent growth path.”

- Pat Ogden

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Liberating from Oppression

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