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Shannon Golden, MS

Administrative Assistant
Leaves Shadow

As Bloom's administrative assistant, Shannon is thrilled to come alongside you in your therapy journey! Recognizing and requesting therapy is courageously vulnerable, and she is committed to treating all client requests with support and without judgment. She encourages you to reach out with any questions you have, as she'd love to help you feel confident and comfortable with all things Bloom!

Shannon's empathy and passion for supporting others stems from a background of service roles, including teaching mathematics in a college setting. Through that work, she aided classrooms of students with unresolved mathematics trauma toward both healing and success, by listening to and validating their prior mathematical experiences, creating and participating in a student advocacy support network, and connecting students with diverse resources and skills to help students achieve their goals. This work transcends beyond the math classroom, and she is excited to bring those skills to Bloom to support you in achieving your therapy goals.

In addition to being a therapy advocate, Shannon has and continues to participate in her own therapy journey to further her healing from and self-awareness of past traumas. She brings her intimate understanding of her own past through therapy to provide experiential empathy toward your journey! Shannon identifies as a white, able-bodied, queer, woman who has lived experience with trauma and disordered eating. She is also a mom to four rescue tuxedo kitties.

My Therapeutic Lens

  • I recognize that people with historically underserved identities are disproportionately affected by mental health due to systemic issues within society.  I am committed to being an effective ally and advocate, and do so by continuously educating myself to better work towards creating an equitable space for all clients and people.

  • Therapy is already hard (but rewarding) work - let's make all the other steps easy!  If you're feeling overwhelmed by a billing question, appointment scheduling, or just want some reassurance or validation towards any Bloom logistics (or "Bloomgistics"), please reach out to me!  I thoroughly enjoy and want to be able to help— that's what I'm here for, and you are never a bother.

  • I will do my part to help create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at Bloom by responding to all inquiries in a supportive and non-judgmental way.  I recognize that you are an expert on your journey, even if you are just beginning, and I am committed to trusting you on what you say you need.

  • Privacy and respect are key tenets of being a professional administrative staff member.  I promise to respect your boundaries, maintain my own professional boundaries, and create a confidential space in which your privacy is the utmost priority.

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