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Jordan Da Silva

Jordan Da Silva, MS, RD

Dietitian & Operations Director
Leaves Shadows

Jordan is not only our Operations Director but is creatively partnering with Bloom and bringing her experience as an anti-diet dietitian and her passion for Health at Every Size to the team! As the likely first point of contact for clients new to Bloom, Jordan aims to provide support and compassion throughout the process of starting therapy. She is passionate about extending care and assisting clients in day-to-day needs related to scheduling, billing, and any other question or concern that might pop up.


Jordan is a registered dietitian from Atlanta, Georgia. Jordan studied at the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition Science and Dietetics. She completed her supervised practice and dietetic internship with Lenoir Rhyne University. Jordan is passionate about research-based methods while prioritizing the heart and soul of the individual. She follows a non-diet approach and enjoys working with clients to find creative, individualized solutions.


Jordan identifies as a white, cisgender, neurodivergent, and non-disabled woman. She is the spouse of an immigrant and acknowledges that while she does not have the lived experience, it has shaped her intersectional view of the world. 

Jordan draws empathy from her own mental health and eating journey and strives to help people know they are not walking alone. In her free time, she experiments with new crafts, plays video games and board games with her partner, reads a lot of fiction, and trains her golden and doodle puppies, Olive and Waffles.

My Therapeutic Lens

  • I believe asking for help is the most courageous thing you can do. You are acknowledging you are worthy of good things and taking a leap of faith to get the support you need. I aim to support you in this process by creating a safe space to ask questions, be curious, and show up authentically.

  • Talking about food can be challenging and triggering – and I understand how uncomfortable being vulnerable with a stranger may be. You deserve to be heard and your unique experience will be our focus. The more honest you are in session, the better we can work together to make a plan for realistic growth.

  • Your counseling journey is about you. You won’t receive a grade, you won’t be scolded if things don’t go to plan. If something doesn’t work for you, we can try something else! I’m here to help you make peace with food in a way that is sustainable, respects your palate, and suits your lifestyle.

& Trainings
  • Registered Dietitian Licensed in the State of Georgia

  • Master of Science in Dietetics

  • Moxie Mind Counseling Skills for Dietitians Who Give a Damn

  • Servsafe Manager Certified

  • Strong4Life and Georgia WIC Training

  • Culinary Nutrition Around the Globe Training

  • Culinary Nutrition Conference Training

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