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Kelly Ulmer

Kelly Elise Ulmer, LPC,

Therapist & Founder
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Leaves Shadow

Kelly is a licensed counselor, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist - Supervisor, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and the founder of Bloom Counseling & Nutrition in Fort Collins, Colorado. She specializes in eating disorders as well as a wide array of co-occurring mental health disorders such as PTSD, complex trauma, OCD, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and personality disorders, among others.

Kelly's own experience in eating disorder recovery fueled her commitment to the field of mental health and eating disorder treatment. Kelly studied at the University of Florida where she received her Education Specialist degree in Mental Health Counseling. She is currently a licensed counselor in Colorado, Utah, Florida, and Michigan. Throughout her career, Kelly has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, and she has gained experience in a variety of settings including both outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. With a foundation in Health at Every Size principles and a trauma-informed approach, Kelly is currently one of the only Certified Eating Disorder Specialist - Supervisors in the Fort Collins area.

Kelly has a passion for healing, growth, and embodiment – that is evident in both her professional and personal life. She is someone who truly personifies the work she is so passionate about.

My Therapeutic Lens

  • Entering therapy is courageous. As a counselor, I aim to honor my clients’ courage through cultivating a deep, authentic connection that encourages safety, openness, and trust -- elements essential to the process of healing and growth.

  • You have always had all the answers within you. I believe that we all have innate body wisdom and an authentic, true Self that wants to help guide us-- we just need a little help connecting and listening to it.

  • Our inner human experience of thoughts, emotions, and sensations can provide us so much information if we tune into it and respond with compassion. Subsequently, my practice is grounded in compassion, mindfulness, and acceptance.

  • Health is a complex web, that involves way more than what we eat and do. I believe in defining health holistically; tuning in to our internal wisdom to determine what health means when it’s defined by our inner experience rather than what a magazine cover tells us health is supposed to look like.

  • I intend to do more than just practice what I preach and have dedicated my life to challenging systems in power that perpetuate fatphobia, diet culture, and the oppression of marginalized bodies, even if that change occurs one person or organization/magazine at a time.

& Trainings
  • Licensed Counselor in Colorado (LPC.0014452), Utah (12227485-6004), Michigan (6401018473), and Florida (MH 15714)

  • Ed. S. in Mental Health Counseling

  • Certified Eating Disorder Specialist - Supervisor, International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

  • Health At Every Size® (HAES®) Expert, Association for Size Diversity and Health

  • Certified Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Counselor

  • Trained in Family-Based Therapy (FBT) for Anorexia Nervosa with Stanford Medicine

  • Level I Practitioner, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy℠ for Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory

  • Level 2 Practitioner, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy℠ for Developmental Injury

  • Level 1 IFS Clinician, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Institute

  • Family Based Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa Training, Stanford University School of Medicine

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