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Molly O'Brien, MA, LPCC

Leaves Shadow

Molly is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in the state of Colorado. She specializes in eating disorders, PTSD, complex trauma, OCD, personality disorders, attachment trauma, substance use, body image, intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, and religious/high-control group deconstruction work. 


She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the State University of NY Farmingdale and subsequently worked in inpatient psychiatric settings, substance abuse partial hospitalization, emergency room settings, and various traditional healthcare settings as an EMT before pursuing a master's in counseling at Adams State University. Her decade-long career in traditional healthcare settings helped illuminate the systemic challenges folks face when engaging with these systems, and the need for alternatives and changes. 


In healing her own disordered eating patterns and trauma, and working with folks experiencing eating disorders, Molly’s approach is rooted in Health at Every Size principles, harm reduction focus, and a social justice lens.


Molly's professional and personal life is rooted in values of autonomy, compassion, and justice. She believes in the transformative power of an authentic, collaborative relationship between client & therapist. Her main focus is to provide a safe environment for clients to access their own internal wisdom and truths to live a more holistic and meaningful life.

My Therapeutic Lens

  • Entering therapy takes courage. My approach aims to honor that courage by cultivating safety and trust within the relationship where folks are free to show up exactly as they are, and able to discover who they are, one moment, or day at a time.   

  • I believe everyone is the innate expert in their own life and experience. As your counselor, it is my role to co-create a relationship that honors that expertise and provides space for you to access and come home to that innate wisdom, or Self-knowing. 

  • Our internal sensations & body wisdom can provide so much information. Oftentimes trauma—uncomfortable experiences of survival—has conditioned us to detach from connecting with this wisdom. It’s my goal to help you reconnect with the sensations and wisdom of your body. 

  • We all move through the world with beliefs, identities, and implicit biases – I believe it is my responsibility as a counselor to consistently examine these biases within myself and how they intersect with the counselor-client relationship to continually provide a space that is safe and autonomous for those I work with. 

  • Health and healing are complex. I believe there are cultural and political power structures and oppressions that play a large role in mental health. It is my role as an advocate to work for systemic change and as a counselor to help individuals challenge ideas, understand social factors, and move from internalized shame to a place of power. 

& Trainings
  • MA in Counselor Education

  • BS in Biology

  • Certification in Psych First Aid 

  • Former Licensed EMT

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