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Ziggy the Therapy Dog


AKC Therapy Dog
she, her, hers
Leaves Shadow

Ziggy is an integral part of the therapy team at Bloom—dare we say maybe one of the most skilled clinicians we have! She is a 6-year-old terrier mix. She has a well-rounded set of interests including long naps, soaking up the sunshine, studying squirrels, learning new skills, and finding welcoming new humans to sit with. Ziggy absolutely loves people. She is a very sweet dog and is eager to receive pets on her chest and loves curling up next to clients on the couch.  Ziggy is very polite yet effective at communicating how she feels. She is good at recognizing her limits and takes breaks as needed.  This can be helpful in therapy as clients explore their own self-care, emotions, healthy boundaries, and meaningful connections. 


Ziggy has completed training and is certified through HABIC (Human Animal Bond in Colorado). She is also a certified Canine Good Citizen with the American Kennel Club. She primarily works with Brianne in sessions but is always working on getting more comfortable around the office and greeting new faces!

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